Ready to get out into the open sea?

Discover a fantastic world in which tradition and future meld for the purposes of innovation

Safety as deep as the sea

40 years of in-depth research and commitment, 40 years of frequently un-conventional choices, 40 years which are less a milestone than an important starting point.

A desire for constant self-improvement which has made us a leader in the Italian and European fish markets, thanks to efficient, cutting-edge organization with a focus on offering the best possible quality.

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Our product ranges

Quality and freshness from seas all over the world

A new freshness concept

We all know that fish tastes better when it’s freshly caught.
The sea is not always just around the corner but we still want good fish: this is why we decided to stop time right at the moment of fishing, bringing the open sea directly to your dining table.

Ytheca by Fiorital

We opened the first Ytheca Italian food outlet in Padua as a place to savour fish from all over the world, try out our selected products and experience our incredible time machine.

Fiorital Kiosk

Our first corner was born in 2016 corner Fiorital: a space where you can find our variety of branded products with a high service content, which reflect the company's values of quality and selection of raw materials.


Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating