For over forty years, from our headquarters in Venice, we have been operating in the fish supply chain, handling more than forty thousand tons of fish every year through the wholesale trade of fresh, frozen and blast chilled fish according to
our DYP® protocol. Over time we have specialized in the processing, transformation and packaging of fish products, to achieve the creation of genuine packaged recipes.

We propose ourselves as guarantors of the entire fish supply chain, carefully selecting the raw materials, carrying out periodic audits at the origin and choosing certified suppliers.

To ensure the quality promise and maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the products, we use a capillary and extremely flexible logistic system. An activity that we carry out relentlessly, 24 hours a day, to always ensure precise and rapid management of orders and punctual delivery for each customer.


We are a dynamic, constantly evolving and future-oriented reality.

We have always been driven by strong values, one. unchanged passion and the search for high quality standards to satisfy the needs of the fish market. For this reason, we strive every day to protect people's health, paying close attention to new market trends.

This is how fish products and recipes are born, the result of our continuous research, to guarantee quality and food safety. All this always with an eye to environmental sustainability and the protection of the marine ecosystem.


  • The Fiorotto family began its experience in the wholesale and retail trade of fish
  • The Fiorital company is founded and the supply project on a global scale is launched
  • Fiorital moves to a new location
  • Introduction of defrosting at -60°C into the market
  • FioritalGelo is born, dedicated to the marketing of frozen fish
  • The Atelier line is born with our packaged and genuine products, ready to eat, cook or heat
  • The Deep Frozen® registered protocol is born
  • Our Padua-based research and development laboratory Ytheca, our research and development laboratory in Padua
  • The first Fiorital Kiosk opens inside a mass retail store
  • Installation of a new -60°C cell
  • TODAY Today we are one of the leading players in the fish industry, both in Italy and around the world. Every day we give our best to contribute to creating a better tomorrow.


In the fishing industry, time is a very important factor and even a single minute can be

There freshness of our products is guaranteed by our transport network which operates with precision and timeliness in the national territory, up to the countries of central and western Europe.

Fiorital manages its entire logistics cycle directly, the main phases of which are:

  • Supplying of products on the market
    internationally, by ship, air or road;
  • Activity of cross-docking And warehousing;
  • Delivery to the sales network on national and European territory, directly to final destinations or through local transit points.

This is made possible thanks to a logistics team of twenty people and cutting-edge vehicles that allow the traceability in real time of all products in transit. This area is in fact flanked
by the company technology department which, step by step, accompanies theinnovation,
promoting integration into the supply chain and planning continuous improvements in the system.

40,000 t

of fresh, frozen fish
and transformed


Italian and European customers


commercialized fish species


countries of origin 70% extra EU



between analysis and controls

320 million

turnover 2021
2.5% reinvested in R&D
and technological development


on sustainability and safety


average age 37 years

40,000 t

of fish


Italians and Europeans


We invest a lot of our energy and resources in research and development and in quality checks to guarantee the food safety.

For this reason, in addition to relying on a widespread network of industry experts developed over the years, we have chosen to adopt an internal Quality System consisting of over 20 professionals including veterinarians, biologists and food technologists who are dedicated every day to keeping the promise of quality made to the customer.

We study and research new countries of origin with field investigations.

We assess compliance with quality standards to ensure constant supplies over time, preferring suppliers who always pay attention to the issue of sustainability of fish stocks and species.

The surveillance activity is also constant on site, where they are carried out strict controls in the phase of receiving raw materials, during processing and on finished products. These continuous and accurate analytical checks conducted by the internal analysis laboratory allow us to guarantee the chemical, physical and bacteriological standards established by current legislation.



product and process quality controls


audits on peripheral sites


internal inspections


parasite checks carried out (eg Anisakis)


inspections on board carriers



training courses carried out internally


university projects in progress


hours of training on quality and safety


24253 internal analyzes
2026 external analyzes


histamine analysis carried out by our team



colleagues employed in the quality research and development team



Our journey into the world of marketing of different fish species began with fresh fish, which remains our main business thanks to a highly developed supply and distribution network.

The use of advanced technological systems for the reception, storage, processing and sorting of fish allows us to guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain and the absolute quality of the product.

Having a very large assortment and regular supplies with high turnover of stock, we are able to respond to every need of our customers by guaranteeing fresh fish promptly and efficiently. This has led us to represent, over time, a reference point of origin in the market and to become a leader in Italy and in Europe in the marketing of various fish species.

We frequently choose to rely on small fishermen and farmers who pay particular attention to fishing processes and products and guarantee high quality standards. The fish raw material is constantly monitored by our commercial department which, working on close contact with the product, guarantees its quality even with real-time checks.


FioritalGelo deals with the trade of frozen fish, communicating daily with the main international markets.

Direct contacts with producers and breeders, combined with a high level of service, have contributed to making the company a real point of reference for countries such as Morocco and Argentina. FioritalGelo has distinguished itself as it ensures the coverage of frozen fish products all year round, responding to every market need, handling over 10,000 tons a year.

As a guarantee of quality and service, the product is selected on site in most of the countries of origin by our specialized staff and distributed, thanks to our widespread network throughout Italy.


We have developed the DYP certified brand®, a production protocol aimed at introducing fish products with high standards of quality and food safety to the market.

The Deep Frozen protocol reflects the company's commitment to the environment, in fact our DYP product line® allows to contain waste in the terminal part of the fish supply chain, supporting the fight against food waste.

Specifically, the protocol provides for:

  • A selection careful of the origins, peaches and fish raw materials, only in the Extra category;
  • A ultra-fast blast chilling at extreme temperatures between -60 ° C and -120 ° C to preserve and maintain the nutritional values and organoleptic properties of the fish, as freshly caught;
  • A dedicated analytical system by product category and voluntary control plans regarding specific sanitation parameters;
  • A maintenance of temperatures storage and transport;
  • A government and control of the entire supply chain







We offer a line of fresh products with a guaranteed minimum weight, clean and portioned that combine quality with maximum practicality, listening to the needs of the final consumer.
This is how solutions are born that aim to reduce food waste and facilitate ease of use.

After a careful selection of raw materials, the fish is cleaned, processed into fillets or slices, and then packaged with modern technologies in formats of practical use, totally recyclable.

The packaging process is specifically designed for each species, in order to optimally preserve the organoleptic properties of the raw material, preserving the freshness of the fish for longer.


The constant attention to the past and present habits of consumers and to the needs of the market have guided the company in founding an internal production area for the research and development of natural, simple and genuine recipes, without chemical preservatives or additives.

Thus was born Atelier, our line of innovative and sustainable packaged products, with a high service content, in a recyclable 100% packaging.

The constantly evolving assortment, designed to respond to the rhythms of today's life, includes nutritious and practical proposals for use: ready to cook, ready to heat, ready to eat.

This line of products is now present in the GDO channel and in our branded stores.

Our assortment:

Seafood salads







In 2016 our first Fiorital corner was born: a space where you can find our variety of brand products with a high service content, which reflect the company values of quality and selection of raw materials.

Through the use of DYP raw materials® and selected semi-finished products, our team of professionals prepares a wide range of recipes every day, ranging from traditional dishes (fish fillets with side dishes, etc.) to more innovative proposals based on raw or cooked fish (such as sushi) for meet consumer needs and market trends. We also make preparations on request composed of natural and genuine ingredients.


product lines


recipes on the menu


branded outlets


In 2015, Ytheca was born in Padua, a place that blends the corporate experience gained over the years with innovation to offer simple and genuine recipes ranging from raw seafood to cooked dishes.

The restaurant is for us a research and development laboratory where we can listen to and satisfy the new needs of the market.

Inside there are two commercial proposals, the administration and the retail sale of our products.

The daily commitment to guarantee the quality of our products is accompanied by constant attention to the theme of sustainability.
For this reason, the furnishings were made with recycled materials from the previous company headquarters, giving life to authentic spaces.


The way in which we live sustainability is reflected in our desire to place it at the basis of our mission: to meet the needs of today's world to improve the chances of those who will live the world of tomorrow.

To do this, we pay particular attention to the choices we make and the resulting consequences. Our sustainability objectives, expressed daily, involve a high level of control and monitoring of business activities that impact on the environment. In order to make continuous improvement, we study alternative solutions to make processes more efficient and to reduce waste, respecting a circular economy model.

In terms of products, we recognize the importance of protecting natural resources. This is why, to minimize our environmental impact, we try to act with foresight, paying attention to global production and consumption. The resulting predictions help us to
respond to market demand in a conscious and targeted way.

To protect biodiversity, we always strive to find new fish stocks and species to tap into, in order to promote the conservation of endangered marine ecosystems.

We are also committed to progressively reducing the use of plastic in our packaging and packing materials, researching new, pioneering technology and sustainable solutions to maximize recyclability.

We believe we can make this possible by investing in young people as natural pioneers of innovation. Their contribution, combined with the development of long-term strategies and projects, is essential in ensuring the continuous evolution of our business model.


Our certifications, together with the daily commitment of the people who work in Fiorital, are the measurement of our safety, as deep as the sea.

ASC certified companies comply with very strict requirements for the protection of the environment and the protection of the rights of workers and local communities.

The MSC Sustainable Fisheries Standard is based on the principles of sustainable fish stocks, minimization of environmental impact and effective fisheries management.

The GFSI recognized IFS Food standard has as its objective the food safety and quality of processes and products.

The technical standard UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 establishes the requirements of an environmental management system (EMS) of organizations.

UNI ISO 45001: 2018 certifies the voluntary application of an adequate control regarding the safety and health of workers in the organization, in addition to compliance with mandatory standards.


Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating