Pleased to meet you! First of all we introduce ourselves. Fiorital SpA operates in fish sector in a national and international context thanks to aefficient and constantly evolving organization, which puts the person.

The next generations they will have many challenges to deal with, which is why we would like to help create a for them better future, with safe food proposals and quality.

We love to listen and observe but above all helping people and the environment and we are committed to doing it with the means at our disposal: fresh, frozen, ultra-frozen DYP fish and much more. All this, always with an eye to the environmental sustainability and the safeguarding of the marine ecosystem.

The heart of Fiorital

Retail - Corner
The new and stimulating world of branded points of sale: our Fiorital corners, home to healthy and genuine recipes prepared every day
The beating heart of Fiorital, from which everything was born: a commercial division in close contact with the international context
A world always on the move, a strong cohesion between product and process that aims at innovation and continuous improvement
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Join the Fiorital team!

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A few numbers ...

320 million turnover
+388 colleagues, average age 35
31 training courses
10 branded points of sale
70 countries we deal with every day

We tell you about us

What guides our choices

Getting better every day

We try to make our contribution to improve the world we live in.

Leader of change

We aim to achieve this goal with a pioneering profile, constantly innovating and renewing ourselves.


Environmental sustainability is one of the fronts on which our R&D team is focusing the 2022 projects.


The real challenge is to make our contribution to environmental sustainability without affecting the guarantee of quality and food safety, which the market recognizes.


We study each case carefully in order to make decisions in a free and conscious way.

Fiorital points to modernity

Fiorital is a dynamic company that promotes modernity understood as an attitude aimed at listening to current events in order to collect potential shoots that must be interpreted to understand the future.

It is an endless process that translates into permanent innovation and the continuous creation of the new. This is why we invest and believe in managerial, process and product innovation.

To guide this research are study, cunning and curiosity.

Why work at Fiorital?

It is essential for us to empathize with people. This means that each of us has gifts, talents, passions that we want to help you enhance.

In Fiorital you will be given the freedom to put what you know and like to do at the service of others and of the corporate mission, enhancing who you are and, together, building the future.


We relate transparently,
staying intellectually honest
and true to our principles.


We act by doing to others what we do
we would like it done to us.


We aim for innovation without losing our identity, integrity
and maintaining a high reputation.


We choose a responsible approach in conducting business activities.




Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating