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40 years of in-depth research and commitment

We are an Italian company.

Our mission is to contribute to healthy eating by guaranteeing quality, safety and authenticity. We carry out more than 200,000 quality checks per year to ensure products arrive safely to your table.

Observe, discover and taste

At our stores you can see the quality and freshness of our products for yourself. We are here to showcase our world through our innovative DYP Protocol.

The DYP Protocol selects the best fish and applies extreme cold technology to it. This stops time, hibernating the product and guaranteeing the nutritional properties and taste of the freshly caught fish.


Our research and development area combined with raw material quality.


A wide-ranging choice for good, safe raw fish.


A touch of oriental culture with sea flavours.


Practical, quick ideas, ready for cooking, reheating or simply eating.

Ready to eat

Don’t have much time for cooking? Leave it to us!


The DYP line offers products carefully selected at source and promptly frozen at extreme temperatures (minus 60° C) and systematically analysed, for top quality, completely safe meals.

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... that che prefer directly from your smartphone by choosing from many dishes of raw, cooked fish, sushi and recipes prepared the same day. 


… Your very personal tray, choosing from the various types of sushi in the assortment.

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Dial your very personal tray by choosing from the many types of sushi it's atpprofit of discounts and exclusive benefits!

Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating