Innovation, quality and safety

Our DYP line offers the best quality seafood products possible, with just caught freshness.

Raw material selection

Raw fish is first checked and selected by a team of experts who choose fished and farmed fish for the Extra category only.

Extreme cold technology

The use of ultra-freezing at minus 60°C preserves and seals fish freshness, preventing natural deterioration in product quality.

Storage at -50°C

Our protocol focuses not only on the preparation and processing phases but also on conservation methods. Polar temperatures are also used for the storage of DYP products, to guarantee quality even during storage in our cold safe.

Quality analysis

Finally, analytical product checks performed by our team of experts and internal laboratory make for systematic, rapid checks, guaranteeing ultra-safe products.

DYP vs classic frozen

Fresher, longer.

Fresher than freshly caught

Ultra-fast freezing at very low temperatures makes for better conservation of the properties of freshly caught fish.

Here are some examples of tissue damage caused by normal product freezing.

Classic frozen

Mechanically frozen

Common refrigerated



Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating