1. Enter the name of the your ig account
2. Share a story, post or reel on your Instagram page
3. Tag @fioritalcorner
4. Earn Goldfish 🐟

1 story = 50 🐟
1 posts = 70 🐟
1 reel = 150 🐟

By participating in Fish4fun you can accumulate up to 1000 🐟 per month.


Welcome to the Loyalty Program (hereinafter "Loyalty Program") of Fiorital SpA with sole shareholder, with registered office in Venice – Località Marittima Fabbricato n. 114, Tax Code and VAT number 00834250276 (hereinafter, “Fiorital” or the “Promoter”).

These terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") define the terms and conditions that govern the Loyalty Program. 

Joining the Loyalty Program provides access to special promotions organized by Fiorital, which will be communicated via e-mail, the App or with social media feeds.

The initiative is not to be considered a contest or prize operation pursuant to art. 6 of Presidential Decree 430/2001. For the sole purpose of providing the consumer with exhaustive information on the entire initiative in progress, the Promoter deems it appropriate to indicate the discount coupons offered by the Promoter, even if they fall within the exclusion of the Rules of Prize Operations pursuant to article 6 of the Presidential Decree 430/2001.


Membership in the Loyalty Program is free, voluntary and does not require any purchase to become a member.

The Loyalty Program is open to all natural persons/end consumers, resident and/or domiciled in Italy and the Republic of San Marino, considered, at the time of joining, as adults and adults by local laws, in the province or territory of residence , or aged 16 or over with the consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s) or legal representatives, as applicable (the Promoter reserves the right to request written confirmation of such consent), who possess an address and valid and active e-mail address and who have registered on the Fiorital App according to the procedures set out in point 4 (hereinafter, "Customers"). 

Membership is reserved exclusively for natural persons acting in a personal capacity and not as representatives of a company or association. 

Employees/collaborators/agents and representatives of the Promoter may enroll in the Loyalty Program, but may be excluded from certain promotions.

By joining the Loyalty Program, the Customer confirms that he meets the requirements of these Terms and Conditions, and agrees to comply with the provisions therein. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the Terms and Conditions may be updated by the Promoter, at its sole discretion.

Membership in the Loyalty Program is personal, non-transferable and subject to these Terms and Conditions as well as any other rules, regulations, policies and procedures adopted by the Promoter, as approved by the Customer upon joining and participating in other related services . One entry per person and one registered email address is allowed.

Registration in the Loyalty Program for companies, other entities or other subjects who make commercial and/or wholesale purchases is precluded. Membership in the Loyalty Program may not be used for resale or for profit.

It is the Customer's responsibility – as well as a prerequisite for joining – to provide truthful and complete information and to keep the registered e-mail address and personal data updated in order to guarantee its truthfulness and accuracy.

The Customer is also responsible for the activities carried out through the Loyalty Program membership account: therefore the Customer is required to keep the access data (email address and password) diligently, securely and privately. 


By subscribing to the Loyalty Program, the Customer can earn points (hereinafter, the "Goldfish") which give access to different levels, from which he can access offers and promotions and more organized by the Promoter.


The Loyalty Program will last from 01 December 2022 to 31 December 2023, subject to extensions (hereinafter, the "Term Period"). After 30 days from the end of the Loyalty Program, the accumulated Goldfish will be reset and any coupons previously generated cannot be used.

The Promoter reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Loyalty Program for just cause before the date indicated in the preceding paragraph, by notifying the Customer in advance. 

In the event of termination of the Loyalty Program, the Customer may redeem the coupons within 30 days of the end of the Program.


The Loyalty Program is a nationwide program limited exclusively to orders placed via the “Fiorital” App (hereinafter the “Order”). 

To register for the Loyalty Program, the Customer must download the "Fiorital" App, select the "Profile" icon and complete the registration procedure by entering the requested data (full name, e-mail address, telephone number). Each customer can register only once; in the event of activation of several profiles attributable to the same Customer, the Promoter reserves the right to deactivate the profiles subsequent to the first, with consequent loss of points, benefits and/or any right attributable to the aforementioned profiles.

Upon registration, the Customer must accept this document, confirming the request for registration in the Loyalty Programme. Membership will be confirmed with a welcome message sent to the email address indicated.


To obtain the Goldfish, the Customer must access "My Profile" before placing the order. The balance can be checked at any time in My Profile, "Aquarium" section.

The accumulation of gold fish takes place in real time, net of the points that are temporarily blocked pending validation, automatically and takes place upon completion of the following actions:

ActionsAccumulating goldfish 
Order completion1 € = 2 Order status should be "Delivered"
Bring a friend1 friend = 50 For each friend registered through the Customer's unique code
Sharing on Instagram

1 Stories= 50

1 Posts = 70

1 Reel = 150

Max accumulating points: 1000 points per month
  1. Order Completion: when the status of an order becomes "Delivered"

For each collected and paid Order, the Customer accumulates Goldfish according to the following logic: 

1 Euro = 2 Goldfish

The Pesciolini d'Oro can be earned and redeemed only for orders booked through the "Fiorital" App, collected and paid for at the chosen Fiorital Corner.

It should be noted that the Goldfish will be awarded with reference to the full price, without considering any discounts and/or promotions at the price net of any discounts and/or promotions (for example: in the case of a total amount of expenditure equal to 50.00 with the application of a 20% discount, the amount actually paid by the Customer will be equal to Euro 40.00 and 100 Goldfish will be accumulated).

Points are awarded rounded up:

Example: order value net of points calculation: €10.50. Points accumulated 11.

The Fishes that can be obtained are highlighted in the individual product sheets and indicated in the Customer's cart.

In certain periods, some products may provide a higher number of points.

  1. b) Bring a friend: the Customer earns 50 Goldfish for each friend invited to register on the Fiorital App and who has registered with the Customer's unique reference code (hereinafter, "Friend" or "Friends").
  1. c) Sharing on Instagram (Fish4fun): the Customer must enter the username of his Instagram account in "My Profile" (in the absence of Fiorital, it will not be able to trace the Customer for the purpose of recognizing the Goldfish). It is required that the Customer's social account is visible to the public to allow Fiorital to have access to the contents shared by the Customer.

The Customer will be able to accumulate, by tagging the page @fioritalcorner, n. 70 Goldfish for 1 post, n. 50 Goldfish for n. 1 story, no. 150 Goldfish for 1 reel shared on your Instagram profile.

By participating in the "Fish4fun" initiative, the Customer can accumulate up to a maximum of no. 1000 Goldfish per month, by sharing posts, stories and reels on Instagram. 

The content of the sharing must comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and in Annex "A" **. Fiorital undertakes to award the Goldfish within 48 hours of publication, subject to verification of the contents; in case of exceeding 48h, the 10% of the points to which the Customer was entitled from publication may be attributed.

The Promoter reserves the unilateral right to evaluate the correspondence of the shared contents to the indicated criteria and, in the absence of these, to deny the assignment of points.

From now on, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that the shared content may be used and/or shared by Fiorital on its social channels and also grants Fiorital the license to use the photographic content shared on its communication channels, without the obligation to grant credits.


Customers can redeem their coupons at any time by logging into My Profile, "Catalogue" section, in the following ways:

the discount coupons will be usable on the next order booked through the Fiorital App 

100 Goldfish = 10% off one order

200 Goldfish = 20% off one order

400 Goldfish  = €5 off an order

500 Goldfish  = 25% discount on a minimum order of €40.00

640 Goldfish = €15 discount on a minimum order of €60.00

1000 Goldfish = €20 discount on a minimum order of €60.00

Notwithstanding the foregoing, accumulated Goldfish may not be redeemed for cash or coupons other than those in these Terms and Conditions.

One Client's Goldfish balance may not be combined with another Client's Goldfish balance, nor may it be transferred or sold. Goldfish balance may only be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

In the event of cancellation of the Order and/or failure to collect it by 8.00 pm on the day indicated in the booking, the Goldfish earned with the same Order will be canceled from the Customer's account.

Clients must not attempt to earn Goldfish by unlawful means.

The Promoter reserves the right to make minimal changes to the Loyalty Program and to these Terms and Conditions, without prior notice to the Customer when the changes do not negatively affect membership of the Program.


The Promoter can enter into agreements with partners by assigning them discount codes ("Agreement Codes"), through which customers of partners can take advantage of specific discounts and/or discounts. Each agreement will be governed by specific terms and conditions defined from time to time by the Promoter and the individual partners. The Convention Codes cannot be combined with the percentage discount vouchers: in order to take advantage of the discount voucher, the Customer must deselect the Convention Code. The fixed value discount voucher acquired through the loyalty program can be combined with the Convention Code: it will be sufficient to select the fixed value discount voucher, previously redeemed from the Catalogue, in the shopping cart.


Where the Customer has given his consent to receive marketing communications and/or for profiling, the Customer may periodically receive emails and announcements from the Promoter. At any time, the Customer may revoke his consent to registration through the link at the bottom of the emails or through the Profile settings, after logging into the Fiorital App. 

If the consent to receive further communications has not been given, the Customer will still receive emails relating to joining the Loyalty Program (including, by way of example: available vouchers, communication of points earned or expiring and any service communication concerning the customer account.


The Customer has the right to request, free of charge and at any time, to be canceled from the Loyalty Program, by forwarding a specific request to the email address marketing.retail@fiorital.com with the subject: "request for cancellation from the Fiorital Loyalty Program”. 


This document is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the Fiorital Loyalty Programme. 

For the purpose of awarding the Goldfish, in addition to the provisions of art. 5 of the Terms and Conditions, the Customer must also comply with the following:

  • The shared contents (i) must in no way be offensive to the Fiorital brand and/or third parties, nor cause damage to the image of Fiorital and (ii) must comply with the Terms of Use of the social network on which they are posted;
  • the citation, textual or by visual presence, of competing products of the same product family as the products marketed by Fiorital is not permitted;
  • re-posting activities on social channels will not be counted for the earnings of fish.

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