Fiorital launches the new 100% recyclable paper packaging

In August 2022 we took a further step to reconcile our commitment to the progressive reduction of plastic material present in packaging and packaging, researching new technologies and sustainable and easily recyclable materials.

The adoption of a new, more sustainable packaging

We are therefore introducing a new paper packaging in our packaged fish lines. This tray change is provided for all our fresh products packaged with skin technology and for recipe productsi ready to: burgers, carpaccio, cutlets.

There are two types of trays introduced, in order to better meet the needs of the stored product. In particular, the pack adopted in the products packaged skins it is made up of certified paper FSC, which certifies the responsible sourcing of raw materials and the conservation of the biodiversity of the forests of origin.

The transition from plastic to paper

With the new 100% recyclable paper pack we are committed to reducing the presence of plastic by a further -80% compared to the previous tray.

The new packaging is even easier to recycle, it can in fact be disposed of separately thanks to the presence of the paper tray and the peelable plastic films.

The change of packaging allows us to introduce 3 million fewer plastic trays into the environment compared to the previous year (2021 estimates), with a reduction of 38,100kg of plastic. Consequently, every year CO2 emissions for production and disposal are reduced by 80%, in addition to the benefits of choosing a renewable resource over a non-renewable one.

Our journey towards sustainability does not end here ...
Stay up to date on ours I commit to improve the chances of those who will live the world of tomorrow!

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