Ciao San donà!

Genuine sushi and fish dishes ... made for you with lots of love!

Vieni a trovarci dal 13 ottobre!

We are the corners of Fiorital, a fish company in Venice with more than 40 years of experience. Here you can find a lot of recipes prepared the same day as the sushi, but also many other ready-to-eat packaged products.

We want to offer you safe and quality products every day.

Giovedì 13 ottobre apriamo un nuovo corner a San donà di Piave, all’interno della Coop. Ti aspettiamo!

Immediately a gift for you!

A selection of our sushi… for free!

Promozione valida il 13 ottobre presso il corner di San donà di Piave.


… The coupon by taking a screenshot and saving it on your smartphone


… The coupon at the corner on the day of opening


… A selection of our sushi! We want to make a good impression and we want to win you over immediately by letting you try our products.

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