Ciao San donà!

Genuine sushi and fish dishes ... made for you with lots of love!

Stiamo arrivando a San donà di Piave!

We are the corners of Fiorital, a fish company in Venice with more than 40 years of experience. Here you can find a lot of recipes prepared the same day as the sushi, but also many other ready-to-eat packaged products.

We want to offer you safe and quality products every day.

At the center of our choices are the quality and the food safety of raw materials.
Within our company we have more than twenty people dedicated solely to checking the products and analyzing them, in order to bring to people's tables only proposals that we eat every day.

Stiamo arrivando a San donà di Piave!

Dal 13 ottobre ci troverai presso la Coop di San donà di Piave. Vieni a trovarci, non vediamo l’ora di conoscerti!

We are waiting for you!

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