Heart and soul

Our history

  • The Fiorotto family begins its journey in fish wholesale and retail
  • The Fiorital company is established. The global procurement project kicks off
  • Fiorital moves to a new location
  • Defrosted products originally frozen at -60° C are introduced on the market
  • FioritalGelo is founded, specializing in the sale of frozen fish
  • Launch of the Atelier line, a range of all-natural, packaged ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook and ready-to-heat products
  • The Deep Frozen registered protocol is introduced
  • Our Padua-based research and development laboratory Ytheca, opens
  • The first Fiorital Kiosk opens inside a mass retail store
  • Italy's largest -60° C cold store is installed
  • TODAY Today we are one of the leading players in the fish industry, both in Italy and around the world. Every day we give our best to contribute to creating a better tomorrow.


Our quality department plans, updates and implements our Quality and Food Safety Policy. Quality assurance guarantees food safety prevention and monitoring activities, including on the basis of our decision to adopt the International Food Standard (IFS).

Self monitoring

On the strength of a well-structured analytical plan, we regularly document and plan the checks and tests needed for product analysis purposes and the related legal requirements.


We believe it is important to keep track of every single step taken. We do it for you, to ensure you get the best; we do it for us, to ensure we work to the highest quality standards. We do it to tell you that, in 2021 alone, we performed more than 25,000 laboratory tests, 2,026 of them at external laboratories and 24,253 internally. 16,554 of these were internal histamine tests on our tuna.


Our certifications, together with the hard work and dedication of the people working at Fiorital, guarantee that safety goes as deep as the sea here.


Explorers of the world's seas

There is no corner of the world where our sales department has left no stone unturned in researching the world’s seas, guaranteeing our customers the widest possible range of quality fish products. In accordance with diverse needs, products are transported directly to customers or expertly processed and packaged at our head offices in Venice, before being sent on to Italian and European consumers.


Our logistics unit works hard to organize a complex international transport network for our various fish products on a daily basis.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development division is the company’s heart, playing a decisive role in developing and creating new sustainable products and evaluating the application of new production technologies.

Fiorital's values

Pursuant to current business liability legislation in the form of Legislative Decree 231/2001, the Fiorital Spa single shareholder company has its own organisational model setting out its internal crime-prevention rules and procedures. This organisational model requires the appointment of a supervisory body and a code of ethics. We have entrusted the task of guiding our actions and behaviours to our Code of Ethics.


Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating