Frozen fish

The best frozen seafood products from all around the world.

Thanks to an organization of people working closely within the main international markets, we select the best frozen fish products and guarantee the best quality. We also have warehouse goods storage and logistics capable of covering all of Italy promptly and efficiently, in accordance with current legislation.

What types of frozen fish do we sell?

American lobster, Squid, 51no squid, Indo-Pacific squid, Atlantic squid, Pacific squid, Eastern squid, Patagonian squid, Canestrello, Atlantic scallop, Mussel.

Northern shrimp, Shrimp, Argentine shrimp, Indo-Pacific giant shrimp, Pink shrimp.
Tropical shrimp, Cod, Cod 51no, Northern cod, Dormouse, Atlantic hake, Sea bream.

Pangasius, African Perch, Swordfish, Octopus, Pacific Octopus, Indo-Pacific Octopus, Monkfish, Monkfish 51na.

Salmon, Sardine, Norway lobster, Atlantic redfish, Cuttlefish, Indo-Pacific cuttlefish, Oriental cuttlefish, Tilapia, Atlantic squid, Pacific squid, Pacific clam.


Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating