The way we live sustainability is reflected in our willingness to put it to the basis of our mission: to meet the needs of today's world to improve the chances of those who will live the world of tomorrow. 

We turn words into action by carefully weighing each choice we make and the consequences it may have. 

We pursue our sustainability goals on a daily basis by carefully monitoring all our business activities that have an impact on the environment. In order to ensure continuous improvement, we design innovative solutions to make processes more efficient and reduce waste, according to the principles of circular economy. 

In terms of products, we recognize the importance of protecting natural resources. This is why, to minimize our environmental impact, we try to act with foresight, paying attention to global production and consumption. 

The resulting projections help us respond to market demand in a responsible, targeted way. 

To protect biodiversity, we always strive to find new fish stocks and species to tap into, in order to promote the conservation of endangered marine ecosystems. 

We are also committed to progressively reducing the use of plastic in our packaging and packing materials, researching new, pioneering technology and sustainable solutions to maximize recyclability. 

We believe we can make this possible by investing in young people as natural pioneers of innovation. Their contribution, combined with the development of long-term strategies and projects, is essential in ensuring the continuous evolution of our business model. 


Salmon cutlet

Ideal for children, with a soft heart and a crunchy coating